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Group Consulting

What is Group Consulting?

Are you a law firm looking to enroll your attorneys in group consulting? Look no further than Lori Myers. Our group consulting and private group training gives four or more of your attorneys the opportunity to work on your law firm’s primary needs as well as caseload.

Lori Myers creates a beneficial learning environment for all attorneys both in-person and online. All lessons come with a minimum of 12 hours of instruction however can go up to 15 hours depending on the law firm’s needs. The Warrior Attorney Academy provides a productive and welcoming environment where all lawyers can learn more about caseloads that cater specifically to their firm.

Through the Warrior Attorney Program, individuals have a 14-day money-back guarantee. After this 2-week period, no refunds will be given. We look forward to welcoming your attorneys into our learning environment in the following weeks.

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Enrollment will be first come first serve. Don’t miss out. Walk into the courtroom with confidence.

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2-week money-back guarantee from date of first class. No refunds after 14 days.

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